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We offer a wide variety of services including Custom Formulation and Private Labeling. If you are looking for a specific product or service and don't see it on our website fill out our contact form.


Alive Naturals facilities are GMP certified which mean they meet an international standard for quality control.+ details

Your Source For Contract Manufacturing

Alive Naturals operates a GMP certified manufacturing facility, and partners with several other high quality manufacturers in order to provide the broadest range of Contract Manufacturing.  Each of our strategically chosen partners has been picked because of their commitment to quality and expertise in their area.  Our main facility in China is supported by experienced scientists and produces thousands of custom formulas each year as well as producing our own Alive Naturals Brands formulas for global distribution. With facilities in the United States and China, we are North America's premier finished product and raw material supplier. We have established ourselves as leaders in our field by establishing a reputation of delivering the highest quality products to our customers.
Our customer care focus will assure you of consistency from start to finish.  You can be assured of experienced, trustworthy solutions for your project.  Our success depends on your success.  You can depend on us to provide the highest level of service and dedication throughout the entire project.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


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One Stop Service

No need to coordinate multiple vendors to finish your project.  In addition to contract manufacturing, we provide custom manufacturing, private labeling and repackaging services. Our research department is happy to assist you in the development of all your products. We will be with you step by step throughout the research and development phases all the way to project completion. We can offer you a wide range of product knowledge, hands on technical skills, strong project management and innovative thinking. We take our business very seriously. We can assure our customers that they will receive the highest quality finished products.